With our license agreement, you can use once music cue in unlimited projects, forever! Other places cost less but also only allow a music cue to be used in ONE project only?

Traditionally, license fees are based on how the music will be used, per project. This can be cost-prohibitive for individuals and small businesses that want great music in their videos/projects but their content is self-funded.

Our music license is tailored to the individual creators, therapists, coaches, healers, instructors and self-improvement professionals. Whereas other music licensing platforms require you to pay for music for every project, we only charge you once for unlimited projects.

The average price to license music is about $60 per track/song…but, you have to pay $60 every time you want to put that in a different video, or new audio download, or new live stream. Our prices are higher, but you only have to pay once, for unlimited use, in unlimited projects!