Playlists are a collection of tracks, or, a long composition split into several tracks. The music playlists are designed to create a sonic landscape consisting of various moods and landscapes, first setting the stage with ambient, relaxing music then moving into emotive and melodic music, and ending with another ambient track to close out the journey.  

Playlists are designed for the journey within…the inner odyssey. Please watch the videos below to learn more. 





Can I edit the music?2023-05-19T21:24:09+00:00

Yes, you can loop it, cut out sections, lengthen it and shorten it.

Can I monetize my videos?2023-05-22T19:19:45+00:00

Yes! Once the license is paid, there are no additional royalties or payments of any kind. You can make as much money on your video and never make any royalty payments to us. If you provide your YouTube channel name, we can whitelist the video so you will not get a copyright violation notification.  If you do get a notice that HAAWK has claimed ownership of the music, please notify us with your YouTube channel name and the URL of the video, and we will have the claim removed.

What happens if I get a copyright violation notification?2023-05-19T21:31:50+00:00

Our music is monitored on YouTube by HAWWK. If you get a notification, let us know and we’ll have the restriction lifted.

What format can I download music in?2023-06-01T18:37:41+00:00

WAV and AIF at 24bit/48kHz. Also, high resolution MP3 at 320kbps. 1-hour atmospheric tracks (such as the Master Series) are only available at 16-bit (CD-quality)/48k. This does not hurt the quality, at all.

Can I mix your music into my music?2023-05-19T22:39:28+00:00

No. You can edit the music by shortening or lengthening it, but you are not allowed to add voice or instruments to our music.

Can I add nature sounds and binaural beats to your music?2023-05-22T19:23:15+00:00

Yes. You can sell the combination of your narration, binaural beats and/or nature sounds and our music as a download or streamed audio. Although, you cannot sell the music and your nature sounds and/or binaural beats as stand-alone music. At least 30% of the audio must have narration.

Does your ambient meditation music loop?2023-05-22T19:24:24+00:00

No!  Even our 1-hour Master Series tracks so not loop. Every minute of music is an original moment.

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